Who we are


We are a 100% South African Black owned & managed Corporate Marketing & Communications company. We proudly boast a majority female and youth ownership structure. With a keen understanding of growing businesses, we develop innovative Marketing and Communications strategies to suit organisations of all sizes.

We also have a specific passion for assisting fledgling enterprises realise their full potential, and become leading brands of the future. Our dynamic team fuses expertise from management consultants, communications specialists and creatives to form JC.

We are “client-centric” and excited about shifting the paradigm, by making our deck of corporate communications services accessible to the full gamut of companies in any stage of business.


Our Toolset



We adhere to a simple four-phased formula that drives our process, and keeps us accountable to ourselves and our clients.

By offering tailor made solutions for even the youngest of start-ups, JC has positioned itself to add relevant value to suit any brief, at any budget, for mutually optimum returns on investment.

We implement innovative marketing and communications strategies based on international best practice tailored to the South African context and legislative requirements around the Protection of Personal Information Act as well as the Consumer Protection Act. 

JC’s strategic focus enables the company to offer its clientele a traditional through-the-line communications experience, along with cutting edge digital solutions. Our aim is to positively influence the way business is done in Africa through world class marketing communications solutions, whilst preserving, promoting and building our clients’ brands.

JC is passionate about the potential the continent holds and we partner with our clients to translate potential into reality. The company’s experience, innovation and continuous market research appeals to clients in various sectors, because we have in-depth understanding of their respective industries through our own experience and access to a vast pool of collective professionals.



How we work


Juuce Consult develops integrated marketing solutions that deliver return on investment whilst ensuring accountability to the bottom-line.

A brand or corporate identity is not a logo, it is not a tagline, it is in essence the managed representation of a relationship that an organisation has with its users, through visual representation, verbal and non-verbal communication – what it lives by. Building a brand, which is the “face” of any organisation, necessitates that it grows from a starting point and exudes outwards into the marketplace.

At JC we understand that a well-defined, well-positioned, strong brand influences employees and customers to think of an enterprise in terms of positive brand attributes: quality, dependability, trust and reliability.

The JC toolset allows us to better harness the reasons why people engage or use products and/or services, and why they will prefer to continue a relationship with a brand for the longer term. The added power of a client centric communications approach early on, is that our solutions are designed, packaged and communicated to best deliver stakeholder benefits from day one.